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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Wolf Girl With You

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Wolf Girl With You

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Wolf Girl With You is a Short, Sexy, & Beautifully Animated Hentai Game

Throw some cute wolf or cat ears on a busty hentai babe and all of you horny weebs start going wild. Seriously, what is it about the most basic-ass furry shit that drives you guys crazy? I love a tail as much as the next dude, but that’s only because I get to push that plug deep in a hot babes ass. I’m not about the clip-on bullshit. I would guess that it’s because you can say that you like that shit without being a furry. It’s on the precipice of being a full-on degenerate. You see so many anime or manga with these almost furry babes front and center. They tease you with their busty bodies that you’ll never fucking see. That’s why I only buy the copies with the shrink wrap around them. That’s how you know that you’re getting the good shit. But why the hell am I ranting about cute neko girls and wolf babes?

A Classic H-Game that Looks Better than Most Modern Titles

It’s because I’ve got a kinky game that won’t fucking cock-tease you. It’s called Wolf Girl With You and it’s all about fucking the shit out of this cute, motherly wolf slut named Liru. But I’ll get into that shit later. This is an old-school game that began development way, way back in 2011. It took five years, but the full game launched in early 2016. Now, that may seem like a long fucking time, though this is one of the very few games out there where I get it. It’s a pretty reasonable timeline for the level of quality content you get. Not everybody agreed with me back then. The creator was a bit of a meme back in the day on anonymous message boards like 4Chan. It all devolved from a tweet that just said: “never ever.” Well, some cucks thought that meant the game would never come out. Thankfully, Seismic proved the masses wrong. Oh, fun fact time: the main character is based off on a babe named Renkin from 3-kyu Magical Pokaan. Now, the game isn’t really set in that universe or anything. The characters just look, well, exactly the same.

Big-Name Anime Studio Quality Animations that Will Blow You Away

But that’s enough build-up. Let’s get into what this game is all about. It’s pretty fucking simple. You chat with a hot wolf babe named Liru. And I mean hot. This chick has tits that bounce around and are always threatening to burst out of the thin leather strap holding them back. And, man, the first thing you’ll notice is the animation quality. This shit is gorgeous. It’s the highest-quality animation that I have ever seen in a hentai game. Full stop. Some titles that come close, but none that I can think of manage to maintain that quality throughout the entire game like Wolf Girl With You does. Every movement and motion is fluid and seamless. I really can’t emphasize enough just how visually stunning that this game is. Peep down at those screenshots, but even those won’t do the full experience justice

Every Single Line by Liru is Done by a Professional Japanese Voice Actress

The story is simple. You play as some anonymous “customer” who comes by and probably pays Liru to get down and dirty with you. Or maybe she’s your girlfriend and it’s a weird pet name. Who the fuck knows? She seems pretty into the whole thing. You can have dinner, share a bath, get a blowjob, fuck, and have a wonderful night cuddling at the end. If she’s a prostitute, then she’s a damn good one. You might be confused when you first launch the game since it’s all in Japanese and there’s no visible menu. Bring our cursor down to the bottom right to reveal a hidden menu that will let you toggle the game’s text to English. The voice acting will always be in Japanese, but I’m sure you sex-starved weebs prefer that shit anyway. And, for what it’s worth, the voice acting is fucking spectacular. They definitely had a professional do the voice of Liru.

A Short but Very Replayable Experience

This is a short game. You meet with Liru and can decide what you want to do with her. The first go-around will let you have some steamed gyoza for dinner before you can either go to the bath or bedroom to do some hot fucking. Once you go through once, you’ll get recycled through. Liru will have a new meal for you, and you will have a few additional options to choose from. It takes a few playthroughs to experience every position and scene that the game has to offer. And there isn’t much fetish content. It’s all about vanilla fucking, but that doesn’t mean that these scenes aren’t fucking amazing. Before I get more into the scenes, I have to talk about the weird “shout” feature that this game has. You can talk to the game in place of clicking on dialog options. It’s fucking wild. It’s not the most accurate tool out there, but it does work. It’s best used for freeing up your hands for other more important tasks. I’m not going to say that every game out there needs this feature, but it would definitely be cool to see more features like that explored. There’s potential there.

Around a Dozen Fully Animated H-Scenes to Fap to!

I already mentioned how fucking great the animation quality was. That extends to the h-scenes. They are so damn good. You get to fuck Liru in nearly a dozen different positions. Her face is so expressive. Her body moves so naturally. Though you fucks wouldn’t know that since you’ve never been with a limber babe like her. But it’s true. The only bad thing is that these scenes are censored. Usually, that’s a deal-breaker for me. Not this time. I still enjoyed every second of these incredibly fapworthy h-scenes. Plus, Liru will talk, cry out, and moan during each scene. You horny betas won’t be able to stop yourselves from blowing load after load to this game. I barely even noticed that most of these scenes were censored. I was too distracted by everything else.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

The animation quality in Wolf Girl With You was easily my favorite feature. I mean, it’s the main thing that we all want in an h-game. The rest of a game could be absolute dogshit, but you fucks would still bust nuts to it if it had animations like this. That’s how you know something is next fucking level. Though I will say that my second favorite feature was that “shout” option. Sure, it’s not the most useful or intuitive. That’s fine. I just like that they even thought to try something like that. It’s fucking cool. It’s one of the only games I’ve ever been able to play with no hands required.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

I wanted more. It’s so goddamn short. Give me a sequel or second chapter. I would love to see the creator come back and add some content to the game. It’s amazing as it is, but you can’t expect more than maybe 20 minutes of content max. Well, unless you really draw that fap out and come back to each scene. But, still, I wish that there had been more done with this game. I mean, fuck, the dude is talented. It would be a damn shame if he never made anything besides this masterpiece of animation.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Wolf Girl With You is a unique game that I think most of you will fucking love. It’s a quality game through and through. Plus, this game is so old that you can find loads of links to free versions of it. Hell, I don’t even know if an official paid version of the game exists at this point. Check out sites like F95zone.to to try it out. I highly recommend this game to every single one of you anthro-girl lovers. It’s so damn good. It’s got fully animated h-scenes that will blow most other games out of the water. Go check this shit out right now. I don’t know what you’re waiting for. Go on. Get!

BestPornGames Likes Wolf Girl With You
  • Beautifully animated hentai scenes
  • Liru is fully voiced in Japanese
  • A very replayable game with nearly a dozen h-scenes
  • Unique shout feature that lets you play with no hands
BestPornGames Hates Wolf Girl With You
  • A very short game that will leave you wanting more