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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Wolfs Dungeon

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Wolfs Dungeon

User Rating: 4/5
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In between all of the amazing free indie porn games that have come out in recent years there are quite a lot of one-man passion projects that sort of… fall through the cracks. Wolfs Dungeon is one of those games. This game is … well, it’s a pretty decent porn game, but it’s humble as fuck. It’s not award winning; it doesn’t challenge our perception of porn games. But it does bring some quality faps to the table with quite a few decent gameplay elements. Plus, the sex scenes are to die for, especially in later versions. The game started out free and as far as I can tell it’s still available for download with some recent updates. It’s definitely gotten a lot better over the years, but I have no idea where we’re at with the finished product. I don’t even know if this game is ever going to get finished, which brings me to the saddest part of Wolfs Dungeon.

This game is made by a Japanese guy with no real website and little understanding of the English language. The game is entirely English, sure, but it’s not like there’s any writing in it to give away the fact that it’s a Japanese game. Plus, it’s completely uncensored, so you really wouldn’t be able to tell. I wouldn’t mind the fact that the dude’s Japanese or the fact that he’s reclusive, but it makes it fucking impossible to learn about this game. You have no idea what the latest version is or where to get it. You have to sort of Google around and hope to find the latest file. I’d love to just link to the latest version for you, but by the time this review goes out there might be a new one, so you’re kind of screwed in that regard.

Original Gameplay

Still, the grief is worth it, because Wolfs Dungeon is pretty darn original. I talked it down a bit, because it doesn’t bring a lot of new elements to the table, but it combines some neat concepts in a very sexy way. It also redefines what it means to have smut on screen at all times, while actually being in control of your character. So, here goes. You control a cat babe across a 2D plane as she walks, from left to right. Along the way you punch down baddies. That’s roughly it. I’ve just told you everything you need to know about the gameplay. So, how is it innovative and sexy? Well…

The further you play, the weirder shit gets. Yes, you keep moving to the right, but along the way the game sort of changes. When you first fire it up, you just get some combat against babes and monsters and that’s it. Then, for no clear reason, your character just… grows a cock. That’s right, she turns into a futa in front of your very eyes. Then, she gets raped, over and over again, as you move her through to the right of the screen. Plus, the babes realize that they can get dicked by you. Even though your character isn’t really into the whole lesbian vibe, they make sure she can’t say no. So, on the one hand, you’re being raped by women, on the other hand, you’re dicking women back with your freshly acquired monster futa cock. This game has no chill.

Constant Barrage of Smut

If you thought that your sex scenes would be the only sex scenes, you were mistaken. While you traverse this game’s fucked up world, there’s sex happening left and right, but mostly right behind you as you walk on by. Rape is … everywhere. You can’t walk five feet without seeing some random babe in the background, pinned to a tree being fisted by a tentacle monster or raped up the ass. Meanwhile, worm creatures come out of the ground and jump into her vagina. And, all this is just a background scene as you walk on by. You take a few more steps and find a headless babe being ravaged by dancing flowers. Then, your cock gets stuck inside a tree and you … fuck the tree. Your cock starts bleeding and by the end of the sex scene it’s been chewed clean off.

Congratulations, you have a vagina again. This game makes no sense. You really shouldn’t try to make sense of it. You also get checkpoints along the way and the smut dials down long enough for your babe to take a nap on a nest, even though she’s clearly a wolf or some kind of fox. Whatever, it works fine. You take a nap, I guess this is your checkpoint and then you move on. Five seconds after that, you’re being assaulted by mermaid babes who grow your cock back so they can suck it. They also stick their tentacles up your ass.

Seriously, this game has no fucking chill.

Super-Fast Gameplay

The thing I like about this game is that there is no clear transition between the smut and the gameplay. It’s all one long chain of events. You move from left to right and click some shit along the way so you don’t die. Sometimes you’ll have to jump, other times you’ll crouch and then there are the boss battles. These play out like standard punch fights. You punch a giant flower down until it loses HP and you move on. Throughout all of these wacky adventures, you’re seeing someone get dicked.

Plus, your babe is constantly naked so there’s that. I mean, there’s always tits in your face. How could you not love this game? I also like how you have life points, hunger and an erotic bar, but no RPG elements. Normally I’m a bit of a sucker for RPG shit, but not in a game like this. Wolfs Dungeon is a fun romp through some extreme sex scenes. It doesn’t need complications. It doesn’t need turn based combat. It doesn’t need damn near anything. The game is perfect for what it is. It might be tiny and a bit confusing, but you can fap through the whole goddamn thing.

Hell, my only complaint is that it’s hard to play this bad boy one-handed. It really encourages you to fap throughout. Oh and before you get mad at me for lying – yes there are levels and you get experience, but these still aren’t RPG elements, since they don’t matter and you just move through the game without thinking too much. RPG elements don’t actually count if I can ignore them and still beat the game.

Additional Sex Scenes

Just in case the constant barrage of rape, cock girls, regular girls, tentacles and sexual dismemberment wasn’t enough for you, this game also has cinematic sex scenes at the end of every level. After you beat a boss, you get a long drawn out sex scene that depicts events that are even more gruesome than the shit you get mid-gameplay. You get similar events, like cock growing and dismemberment with violent pussy insertions, but in a much higher quality and with even more gore-like details. Though, nothing quite feels like gore. It feels like an acid-fueled sex dream, to be honest.

So, the greatest thing about Wolfs Dungeon is the originality. This is a disgusting porn game. But, if you like fapping to disgusting shit and you really enjoy nudist babes getting raped over and over again while they try their best just to survive, boy you’ve found the game of your dreams.

The Style

It’s extremely retro and very much two-dimensional with a sort of 16-bit art style that you have to see for yourself. The assets are clearly all original and drawn for the game. They fit together very neatly. You can tell that whoever made this game has a passion for drawing tentacle hentai. Every single scene is fap-worthy and I stand by that.

I should also note that the damn thing has a soundtrack. It sounds like some sort of MIDI generated rock music with some basic sound effects that … are kind of too retro at times. You also get some more chill tracks here and there when the game decides to give you a break. Oh and there’s sex moans more or less all the time. This bitch moans like she’s taking cock at all times. I love it.

Some bonus features I should mention: You can decide to dress and undress her and this somehow vibes with your erotic meter. You can also order her to masturbate. That also fucks with the erotic meter. I didn’t quite understand how that worked. But, when she gets hungry she can only be satiated by drinking gigantic amounts of cum, so there’s that. A cum-fueled wolf bitch who constantly gets dicked in original ways. What more could you ask for?

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  • Innovative art style
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  • It’s not finished yet