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Updated on 15 January 2020
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How are you doing this fine day? I see your unending quest for searching sites with fap-worthy games still continues. I don’t blame you. I know how freaking hard it is nowadays to decide which site has the best games that will give us one of the best fapping experience. Let’s admit it. We cannot avoid satisfying ourselves when it comes to fulfilling our sexual desires. If you are one of those losers who continuously look for porn games, you are in for a treat today as I share to you one of the best sites to download all the games that you want for free. Yes, you don’t have to lie to your parents anymore for your sexual needs because this site has got your back.

I present to you, xgames.zone! The hero that will save you from the agony. As I have mentioned earlier, all of the games that you will find on this site can all be downloaded for free. I know many of you losers here still rely on your parents for your expenses because you fuckers are too lazy to find yourself a job. Well, fuck that shit. When it comes to fulfilling our sexual desires, there’s nothing wrong with resorting to fap-worthy porn games, and there’s nothing that could stop you from doing so.

Just to let you fuckers know, if you don’t own a desktop or a laptop and you think that is what’s stopping you from having the same fun as those who do have, you don’t have to feel lonely too. You see, this is one of the reasons why this site should be your go-to site. Why? Because it lets everyone share the same experience. It lets everyone have fun, including mobile users. Rejoice, mobile fappers! The site has a mobile version that lets you access the site and freely download all the games you guys want.

Mediocre Website Design

If you visit a site that will make you feel like you just want to stay there forever, that would be fucking great, right? If you want to experience that feeling, you will never go wrong with visiting this website. It might not be as fancy as the sites that already have a big reputation, but damn, the content that you will see on this site will make you forget about the website design. It’s basic but not very basic. It’s simple enough that even horny fuckers with a tiny ass brain won’t find it too hard to navigate. The design won’t hold you back for finding the right game for your dick.

Once you reach the site, you will see a dark theme that is just like any other porn site. That isn’t that should be new to you, right? Throughout the site, you will see three colors, black, white, and red-orange. The colors are consistent all through the page so that it doesn’t really bother you while you search for the porn game. Additionally, you will see a simple header containing several options for whatever category you want to explore.

At the top right of the page, you will see the total number of games within site and right now, it has a total of 8230 games that you can download for later use if you know what I mean. With that, you will also see a percentage download for each option. I don’t get the point for the percentage thing, but I guess they are there for a reason. You will also notice that there is a huge banner that says “Play games and get paid in BTC!”, I know that this is within your interests, so you can just click “learn more” and find any additional information.

Four Major Categories

This is probably what the site boasts. The categories on this site are just fucking great. I like how sites are straight to the point. There’s not much bullshit going around. The navigation is so simple that it gives you all the categories right at the top of the page. You can freely browse All, Indie Games, Nude Games, Hentai Games, and Android Games. You know that mobile users won’t get left behind in this experience because the devs were kind enough to add in Android games.

If you have so much time in your hands and don’t really care about the overall quality of a game, it’s a good idea to try indie games. In this category, expect to encounter games that are not that great since they aren’t really developed by well-known game developers. So, if you want to be experimental and try out different games, indie games are not that bad. If you are a big fan of anime girls getting fucked in many different ways, go ahead and visit the hentai games category. Surely you’ll find satisfying games in there.

If you’re having a hard time choosing a game from a certain category, you can head over to “All” and look at every game the site has to offer. You can look at all of the games at once, and this can probably help you decide whichever game you want to download. I know the games can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when there’s a lot of games that you can choose from. One thing to do though is stick to your fetish. By doing that, it will narrow down your options so that you can decide easily.

Download Games for Free

There’s nothing left to be worried about. All of your loneliness will be swept away with just a click of a button. Can you even imagine how fucking great it is to download all of the games you want for free? Yes, it’s all possible thanks to xgames. Fapping to all of your favorite games without having to go online and manually searching for the game is no longer your problem. If ever you feel horny or just want to play with your tiny dick, open the game, and enjoy the moment.

Good Mobile Experience

Rejoice, mobile users! You are in for the fun, of course. No one is left behind in this site as the devs also made it possible for mobile users to have the same horny experience as desktop users. The mobile version is optimized, which gives it a user-friendly environment. Everything on the site is responsive, and everything you see on the desktop version is the same. Since everything was laid out properly, it made it easier to browse through the site.

Game Previews and Description

If you are picky towards games and actually look at the previews and game description before you download a game, you might find it hard to do so on the site. I don’t know why the devs didn’t look this through, but most of the games have the same descriptions. Sometimes, the descriptions don’t really tell much about the game. It’s like the devs didn’t put some time to fix this and focused on adding more games. They probably focused on optimizing all of the games that they add, so anyone who’s downloading a game won’t have a hard time.

What I Like About the Site

One of the things that I liked about this site is the crazy number of porn games. I find it hard to believe initially, but as I was browsing through the games, I was just mind-blown. I found high-quality games that I really enjoyed. To be honest, I lost track of the games that I downloaded at some point since I focused on finding the games that could really give me the best fapping experience. I still can’t move on from the four major categories, which gave me an easier time searching for the games.

My Recommendations for Improving the Site

The site is good, and I’m not going to lie about that, but there are still that I would like the devs to improve. One of which is the waiting time for the downloads. Yes, they are free, and I think that is the compensation for downloading it, but damn, the waiting time is just too long, and I don’t think that’s normal anymore. I hate waiting too long for a game that I really want to play.

I would also like to recommend adding some extra sorting options for the games. The site currently has thousands of games, and the only sorting I got was from the categories. It would be much better if there were more filter options that could help narrow down the games. The best thing you could do is using keywords, and that’s the only method that’s going to come close in helping you look for the right game.


Overall, xgames.zone is a good site that is worth visiting. The site has fap-worthy games that I really enjoyed. The site is simple enough to get you to the games that you want to play. The games are free to download, and surprisingly, all of the games that I have downloaded didn’t have any viruses. There are no ads or whatsoever around the site, which gave me a good experience. I would like to recommend this site to any horny motherfucker out there that is looking to download all their favorite porn games for free.

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  • Thousands of games
  • Free to download
  • Good and simple website design
  • No ads
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  • Long waiting time for downloads
  • Sorting options