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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Yandere Simulator

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Yandere Simulator

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Hello there, my fellow perverted friends! Guess who’s back giving badass reviews again? Me, of course! I know most of you incels out there are still searching for that porn game that will surely empty that cum-filled balls of yours. I know how hard it is to find fap-worthy porn games nowadays since many disappointing games are being released today. But, as always, I have something better for you today, and many of you will find this game oddly satisfying. Why? Because this game that I’m about to present to you is a fucking simulator! And we all know how fun it is to play an adult simulator game.

Without delaying this any further, I present you, Yandere Simulator! The title sounds a little weird, right? That’s because the game itself is weird. You might not believe it, but this game is actually a murder game that was developed by YandereDev. The game developer is currently working with volunteers to keep the game running, and up until today, there hasn’t been any news as to when the game is set to release officially. However, you can still play the simulator on your PC by downloading the game through the game’s official website. So, without further ado, let’s continue this badass review!

What to Expect in This Game

Before you start playing this game, I would recommend that you know what to expect as there are actually a lot of things that will blow your mind away. One of which is that this game will contain a lot of extremely violent content. Wait, did that actually excite you? If it did, then you are one sick bastard. But don’t let that stop you. With all that violent shit that you’re going to experience in the game, all of them come with a lot of pleasure.

Crazy Obsession

At this point, you should already have realized that this game is perfect for fuckers who have been having wild fantasies about someone they like. See, in this game, you are going to be playing the character who eliminates everyone who loves Yandere’s Senpai. Yes, you are going to moving around the game, killing other girls who have potential feelings towards the guy you like. See? Can you tell how this game is perfect for sick fuckers?

Seeing how this game is a simulator, how fucking weird can that be? It’s like the game is teaching you how to do those kinds of things. Of course, if you don’t have the balls to do that in real life, that’s great because you can do it in the game. If you have wild fantasies about someone in real life, you can portray your actions through this game. If your imagination game is strong, you can think of whatever you want while playing it.


Now that you already have some background in the game, I will take through the whole plot. The game mainly focuses on Ayano Aishi, which is Yandere-chan, your main character. Remember what I said about that crazy obsession thing? In this case, you’re going to be a girl. The game will show you how crazy determined Yandere is to gain the love of her Senpai. Like you, Yandere is a lonely girl and a loser who doesn’t give a fuck about how other people feel. The only thing she cares about is herself and her Senpai. Her one goal is to make sure no one comes close to her Senpai.

The actions of Yandere that lead her to do these kinds of things are because of the videotapes that she found in her basement. In one of the videotapes, contains a conversation between a girl who tied the guy that she loves to a chair in the same basement. If you’re wondering about what the reason might be, it’s because the girl is also crazy in love with the guy even though they haven’t met. As Yandere watches the videotapes, you will come to notice that the girl is actually Yandere’s mother, Ryoba Aishi.

The murderous acts you will be doing in this game will be the same as those Ryoba Aishi did. Ryoba Aishi committed worse things to the school girls that got close to the guy that she is obsessed with. You might be thinking, history repeats itself, right? That’s exactly what is going to happen in this game. You are going to be doing the same things your mother did with your father.


The gameplay is actually kind of fun. It starts with a stranger sending messages to Yandere, saying that a girl will confess her feelings towards her Senpai. Your mission is to track whoever confesses their love to your Senpai and stealthily eliminate them. The targets you’re going to eliminate all depend on the stranger. He/she will send you the targets every week. Some of the ways you can effectively eliminate them are by framing someone in social media or staging an accident to make things seem natural.

If things go south and you fail to eliminate your targets stealthily, there are still other ways that you can do it. Once you are in the game, you can also interact with other school girls and do things in their favor to increase your reputation. Take note, you have to keep improving your reputation points so that the teachers won’t have any suspicions about your acts.

After you’ve committed all of the hideous acts, the game offers you arcades that you can play. One of the games that you can play is the dancing machine. This can help calm your mind after you eliminate your targets. One important thing to remember in the game is that you should never get caught by your Senpai. If ever your Senpai sees you committing murder, it is game over. Think about it, who the fuck would ever love someone who commits a murder, right?

Variety of Options

This is an aspect which most of the game that you will find today don’t have. This game will allow you to choose different weapons that you can use to eliminate your targets. Isn’t that just great? I mean, this is a fucking murder game, and it’s just great that they added that feature. It’s a great way of enjoying the game because it adds some satisfaction to the actions that you are going to be committing. Another feature that they added is the character customization. You can choose from the various outfits, hairstyles, and colors that you want.

What I Like About The Game

There are just so many things to like about this game. I think the best part about the game is there are just endless possibilities of what I can do in this game. Since the game has no major objective aside from the targets, I can basically do whatever I want. I can explore the place without worrying about any missions that I have to do because the game didn’t control me that much.

I also like the art of the game. The graphics are similar to the anime that you might have seen. It’s kind of amusing and pleasing, which might be why I stayed longer in the game. The cute Japanese schoolgirls are probably the main reason why I enjoyed the game. There’s just something about that gives me a boner every time I see them in a game. Not to mention, they have a voice-acting, so that is definitely something that is worth fapping to.

What I Don’t Like About The Game

One of the worst things that I experienced in the game is the fucking errors that made me start from the beginning. What the actual fuck. I was actually in the middle of a great scene, and suddenly the game crashes. That really sucks, to be honest. My progress was quite far, but I had to start the game from the beginning. Also, there isn’t any way that I can’t access the settings. I had to completely rely on the game itself while worrying about the things that could go wrong.

My Recommendations for Improving The Game

Just like what I mentioned above, this gameplay experience could be better if the bugs and error can be looked at. It seriously affects the mood of the player. I know that the game hasn’t been officially released yet, so I kind of expected those kinds of problems, but if the devs could do something about that, then I would have no problems playing this game all day. I would also like to recommend that the game should have clear instructions on what to do since I didn’t have a single clue what to do once I started playing.


Overall, the game is really fun to play. Even though the game is still on progress and still needs a lot of improvement, I still had fun doing all the things that the game asks me to do. It’s also good that the game had varieties of weapons and character customizations to choose from. It’s like the devs really want you to enjoy the game. If you’re someone looking for an oddly satisfying experience, I will recommend this simulation game to you. You will know what it feels like when someone has an obsession with someone they really love.

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  • Good concept
  • Good art style
  • Free to play
  • Japanese schoolgirls
  • Character customization
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  • Bugs in the game
  • No instructions
  • Still in progress
  • No official game release