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Updated on 15 January 2020
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What’s going on, fuckers! I see you guys found your way back into this place again, looking for insights about a fap-worthy game. Well, you’ve come to the right place, my friend. When it comes to giving badass reviews about adult games and all that, this is where you should be. If you are ready to have fun, stay for long because there’s a lot of things to talk about. If you are a massive fan of simulation games, you will never go wrong with this game.

Not so long ago, there was a game where most people would like to compare this game with, but this time, it is full of adult content that will make you want to pull that tiny dick out of your pants. I’m sure you horny fuckers have heard of the game called The Sims. This game is similar to that but without all the boring adult stuff you have to do and accomplish in The Sims.

I present it to you, Yareel! That’s right, bitches! This right here is a free multiplayer 3D sex game that allows you to fuck all the women in the game. Basically, it will enable you to do all sorts of shit in any way that you want. Oh, and let’s not forget, you will be given tons of options and varieties to choose from. There’s a lot of great things to look forward to, so, without further ado, let’s head-on with this motherfucking review!

Browser Entertainment

Do you have an unending search for a game that gives you instant entertainment? Look no further bitches because this game can be played for free right on your browsers. Yes, motherfucker you read that right. There’s no need to download anything. The game runs through the free Unity plugin that is compatible with Chrome. The game only loads once, and everything runs smoothly.

Enter the World of Simulation

Living in a simulation world is quite fun if you think about it, especially if you can do all of the perverted things. True to life simulation games are probably one of the best games there is. If your imagination game is strong, it’s like running your own world where you get to decide what happens. If you are a loser who doesn’t get any taste of sex in real life, that’s all about to change in this game. You can even call this game a sex simulator if you want since you’re going to be spending a lot of time in a bedroom having virtual sex with another person.

The game consists of purely players from all around the world, which means that there are no bots. You are actually going to be talking to real people online and having sex with them. How fucking great does that sound? The only thing that you need to bring with you is the ability to talk to another person, which shouldn’t be too hard. If that’s something that bothers you, think about it like this, everyone who plays this game is horny as fuck, and all they are after is sex, so if you find it hard to talk to women, fuck that shit, just do your own thing and have sex. It’s as easy as that.

Go Around and Have Fun

One of the best things to do in this game is, of course, have sex with all of the women. But that isn’t going to happen if you just stick to one corner like a pussy, right? It’s not like girls are going to come running to you because the avatar that you made is the hottest out of all the dudes in the game. No, it’s not going to work like that. You have to actually go around the place, just like in the real world. I know most of you incels here don’t go out of your caves in the real world but for a change, at least in this game, go out and find out how fun it is actually to interact with different people, especially the girls.

How exactly are you going to have sex with women in this game? Well, just like what I have said above, you have to interact with them. You have to go up to a girl and talk to them, find out more about them, and you guys can eventually have sex in the end. Here’s a tip for you, don’t ever talk about your dick. The girls in this game actually know how you can make your dick the biggest in the game, so you don’t really have to talk about it. They also know how badly you want to have sex with them. They know it all, just like in the real world.

Talk to them normally. Keep things interesting and a little bit erotic at the same time. They also want to have sex. They just don’t want to make it too obvious. I don’t really get why women in this game still act like they’re in the real world, but I guess that’s just how they do things in this game. If you are really desperate to have sex with a female avatar and don’t really care about the person behind it, whether it’s a guy or a girl, you can just find a female avatar and have your way with them. Based on experience, there are a lot of guys who pretend to be girls in this game. You know, fetish-related shit, you should be familiar with that by now.

Sex Toys for More Pleasure!

What better way is there to enjoy having sex with a hot woman? Adding sex toys! This is one of the best features of the game. For those who have not yet experienced having sex with a really hot girl and using sex toys to add a little bit of spice, let me tell you, the feeling is fucking indescribable. Once you fuckers get to that point, it’s just paradise, and it’s the greatest feeling. Can’t relate to that? Don’t you fucking worry about it as this game will let you in on the experience.

While you’re having sex with another person and want to push the limits, try pulling out your inventory that is full of sex toys that vary in shapes and sizes. There’s a massive collection of clothes, toys, and more good stuff that you can use to give you one hell of an experience. That’s only an option. You don’t really have to use these items, but if you and the other person behind the avatar agree to have the best experience, use the toys in any way you guys want.

Special Features

In the game, you will notice that the only way to communicate with other people is by text chatting. There’s no way that you can tell that if the person behind the avatar that you are talking to is a guy or a girl. I guess it’s just pure luck if you happen to come across an actual girl in the game. But there is way around this. The game has special features wherein you can use voice chat to talk to other people, but it’s only available to VIP users. Can’t imagine how that would turn out. You get to meet a girl in the game, bring her back to your place, agree to turn on voice chat and get surprised by a guy with a deep voice. Oh shit, how fucking crazy would that be.

What I Like About the Game

One of the things that I really liked about this game is the graphics. Some simulators were released, which were not really that impressive when it comes to the graphics, but this game just blew my mind. The experience that the graphics bring together with the animation is just fucking amazing. I can’t even remember how many times I jerked off to this game. Moreover, I like how the game didn’t control me that much. I was free to go anywhere I want and do what I wanted to do. The game really sticks with the simulation element, which I really like.


Overall, I think Yareel is a really entertaining adult simulator game. There isn’t much bullshit that you have to go through when starting the game. Once you do start the game, you will find yourself having tons of fun interacting with other people who have the same sexual interests as you. The game is multiplayer, which just made things better. The chances of a horny fucker having sex with another avatar are high, so if you’re a loser in the real world, that doesn’t matter in this game.

Moreover, the game can be accessed and played by anyone for free. If you want to satisfy yourself and can’t wait for long, load the game and enjoy yourself. If you are looking for the same experience, I will recommend this game to you. All of your fetishes will be taken care of once you play the game.

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  • Free to play
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  • Tons of sex positions
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  • Limited areas