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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Yiffalicious is a Unique “Yiff Engine” with Nearly Limitless Possibilities

Alright, if you’re not a furry then you can get the fuck out. I’m serious. I want to talk to you fur-suit wearing, animal humping, and anthro-loving degenerates. I’ll even take you closeted furries. If you’re wondering if that means you, then it probably does. If you have dreams of getting your ass plowed by a meaty horse-cock or getting to eat out some cat-girls snatch, then you will be at home with the kinky shit I’m bringing to the table today. All of the other cucks pack up and leave? Good. Let’s get into this shit. Yiffalicious is a furry game like no other. It’s a fully customizable, dynamic “yiff engine” that brings unprecedented levels of customization to the game. Did your ears perk up at that? I thought as much. Hold your horses. I’ll go into detail on what the fuck all of that means here in a little bit. What you horny yiffers need to know is that this passion project started back in 2016 and has been on a steady road of success since then.

Download this Impressive Project for Free Straight from the Developer

This is the “Yiffalicious Crew’s” sole project. All 8,000 dollars a month that they rake in on their Patreon page goes towards making this a legendary game for the furry community. If you don’t know about this game, then you’re coming in at the perfect time. They just launched version 1.0. Now, that doesn’t mean they’ve washed their hands of this game. The team is still rolling out bug fixes, updates, and so much more. You can expect a lot of content to come. Oh, and the entire game is free. There is a Patron version with some extra bells and whistles, but you can download the full game right the developers over at Patreon.com/yiffalicious. The Patron version will run you $12 and will give you access to work-in-progress builds as well as special playtest features like new models.

A Complete Sandbox Experience With a Wide Array of Tools

But this game isn’t about the content the creators add as much as it’s about what you horny bastards contribute to the game. This is a complete sandbox experience that is on a whole nother level when you compare it to any other sandbox porn game on the fucking market. I don’t say that lightly. You have a blank canvas that you can do almost anything with. Or, well, you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of other talented fuck’s labors. I know that sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. It’s like if Dreams & Gary’s Mod combined to make a crazy in-depth furry game. Only, this game has a greater focus on characters and how they interact with each other. Essentially, you have a house where you can place models, props, and characters. There are a ton of rooms that you can use, but everything will take place in this single building. I wouldn’t be against them adding additional locations in, but, again, the focus is here on the characters and not the backdrop.

Mix & Match Dozens of Characters to Craft Kinky Furry Scenes

There are tons of hot furry characters to choose from, and you can customize each character to suit your needs. You’ve got hot babes, hung dudes, and floppy-dicked futas to play around with. Stick with me for this. It’s going to get a bit technical. You can place and orient these characters in a room however the fuck you want. Think of it as having a fully articulated doll. You can position these furry sluts in whatever orientation you can think of. And you can have anywhere up to a half dozen characters in a scene. You have toys, glory holes, building pieces, and a wide variety of props to add it any scene. Basically, you can build any room or scene that you fucking want. You can then go through the long process of building a scene. You can toggle every aspect of a character. No, really, every aspect down to how stretchy a furry babe’s pussy is. You can toggle their appearance, facial expressions, body physics, movement pattern, stomach inflation, and so much more. There are well over a hundred options for each character in a scene. It’s absolutely insane.

Build Your Own Scene or Download Scenes from a Vast Community Catalog

Once you do all of that, you can upload and share your scene with the community. Or you can skip all of that and dive into the thousands of scenes that have already been uploaded by the furry community. Holy fuck. If you’re looking to skip all of the bullshit and get right into a furry-fueled fap sesh, then this is the perfect game for you. There are so many great scenes, and it’s so easy to search through them. You can filter by upload date, popularity, characters, and all of that good shit. Simply click on a scene to have it load up instantly. It’s that easy. Usually, sandbox games suffer a bit in terms of visuals. That is not the case for Yiffalicious. Damn, this fucking game looks amazing. Every character has been expertly 3D modeled. This is hands down some of the best 3D modelings that I’ve seen in a porn game in quite some time. The lighting is brilliant. Hell, you can even adjust how oily or shiny some of these sluts are. The body physics are so fucking good. And the level of detail is simply impressive. Boobs bounce. Holes stretch. Tongues loll. It’s all fucking great.

Fully Uncensored, Expertly Animated Furry Sex Scenes

Of course, everything is uncensored. This shit will be as HD as your machine can render it in. The animations are fluid. It’s hard to encompass just how dynamic these scenes are without actually experiencing them. You get hot audio with wet slapping, moans, dripping, gasps, and all of that good shit. You can even hop into any character’s POV to get transported right into the action. Oh, and you can even set this shit up with VR to get the ultimate level of immersion. It’s about as close as you can get actually fucking a hot bunny girl in real life.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

Easy—the sheer number customizability options. Yiffalicious is leagues ahead of other sandbox games in terms of just how much you can do with it. It’s nearly impossible to make a scene the same as anybody else. Hell, you could make hundreds of different scenes using the same two characters over and over again if you wanted to. You simply will never run out of things to do in this incredible game. I still can’t believe that the 3D models and animations are so fucking well done. The amount of work that must have gone into crafting such a quality experience is staggering. For once, I get why the fuck this game is bringing in nearly 10k a month. They deserve all of the fucking support that they can get. I’m not even a furry and this shit was still top-tier for me. I would love to see them add in a non-furry setup to this game. The possibilities with this engine are endless.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

Man, I have nothing but praise for this game. My only small gripe was that the camera can be a little unwieldy at times, but that’s to be expected when you’re working with so many angles and axes. I don’t have any major issues with any aspect of this title. Hell, they even made it available for free. This is easily the kind of game that I could see a developer charging $40+ for.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, you should already be playing Yiffalicious if you’re a furry. It’s an absolute must-play for any anthro-addicts out there. This is the kind of game that you could easily sink tens of hours into with no effort at all. I bet there are tons of players who have poured well over 100 hours into this dynamic, infinitely customizable experience. And, if I know you cucks, you’ll likely be one of them. Enjoy a complete sandbox experience with an expansive array of tools, props, characters, and features. Rub yourself raw to high-quality animations of furry babes getting pounded for fucking free!

BestPornGames Likes Yiffalicious
  • An infinitely customizable “yiff engine”
  • A wide array of tools, props, and characters to toy with
  • Thousand of fan-made scenes to fap to
  • Uncensored, fully animated furry sex scenes
  • It’s free to play!
BestPornGames Hates Yiffalicious
  • Nothing yet!