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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Zombie's Retreat

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Zombie's Retreat

User Rating: 4/5
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Zombie’s Retreat has You Scavenge, Fight, and Explore to Survive the Apocalypse

The only good thing about an apocalypse is that some of you pathetic cucks might stand a chance at getting laid. Though, let’s be real, most of you incels would probably be the first ones to go. Especially if we’re talking about a zombie virus scenario. I’m fucking dying over here picturing some of you lards trying to trundle away from a zombie moving at a slight jog. It’s great. But, yeah, most of you dudes would be lost without your mom coming down to your fap den to bring you tendies and honey mustard every 3 hours. But, hey, I’m sure some of you bastards know your shit. You might just survive long enough to get your dick wet. I’ve got just the game for you fucks to live out that fantasy in, though this title leans more towards the incest side of things. I doubt that’s a deal-breaker for the majority of you. I’m sure it’s a bonus if anything. Anyway, the game is called Zombie’s Retreat. It’s all about zombies! Who would have fucking guessed? It started development back in 2018 by Siren’s Domain.

Download the Full Public Version of the Game for Free!

It’s a side project and is treated as such, though plenty of fans are pretty pissed that he’s not giving his main title enough attention either. And, well, I think they might be right. This shit has been in the works for 2 years now and is only on beta version 0.14.1. That’s not a ton of progress at all. Fortunately, Siren’s Domain isn’t making you dish out any dosh for this game. You can pick up the full public build of the game from either Itch.io/zombieretreat or Patreon..com/ZombiesRetreat for free. You play as a younger kid who got dragged along to a summer camp called “Camp Zomi” with his busty mom and emo sister. Well, the game lets you decide your relationship with these babes, but they’re obviously related to you. Man the fuck up and call them what they are if you’re going to play this game. If you’re going to be a creepy degenerate, then you might as well do it right.

Explore With Your Hot Mom & Emo Sister to Scavenge Supplies

Neither you nor your sister really wants to be here. It’s humid. It’s outside. But attitudes shift a bit when your mom shows you the place you’ll be staying in. It’s got to be the biggest log cabin ever fucking made. There are at least 6 bedrooms and a whole fuck ton of space. You enjoy the new digs for a bit before heading to orientation with all of the other campers. You meet this absolute bitch who treats you like shit and tells you to fuck off while she and your sister pick a lock. You go outside for a hot minute only to discover that the zombie apocalypse has happened. Fuck, well, what did they expect with a name like Camp Zomi? They were kind of asking for it. You head in to see your sister surrounded by horny zombies that are trying to rape the every-living shit out of her. Thankfully, for some goddamn reason, somebody dropped a gun that they brought to a teenage summer camp. You pick it up and save the day like the absolute Chad that you are.

Craft Items, Rescue Survivors, and Fight Your way Through Hordes of Undead

After getting back home safely, you all start making a plan. Being the alpha that you are, you volunteer to go out and scavenge resources. At least the zombies don’t want to rape you. They just want to kill you. So, it seems like the preferable option for you to go. Though you can bring your mom or sister along to either get extra supplies or pick locks. The game is all about going out each day to find supplies, rescue survivors, and upgrade your home.

It’s a pretty satisfying gameplay loop. Surviving can be pretty tough. You only have some many bullets, and it is very easy to get trapped in a corner and killed if you run out of ammo. You’ll need to choose your destinations with care and not be afraid to go back to your home and lick your wounds. Getting hit three times means game over. Make sure you fucking save or you’ll have to start back from the last autosave, which is usually at the start of that day.

Unique Visual Design and Smooth Gameplay!

Zombie’s Retreat looks great, especially for an RPG Maker title. There are some basic assets like menu sounds, but the vast majority of the game is full of original designs and assets. They really captured the vibe with the color scheme and lighting. It’s well-done. Movement is quick enough. There are fun crafting elements. I mean, what’s a zombie game without scavenging and crafting shit? It’s simply a well-designed game that remains engaging all of the way throughout the story. Plus, you can ramp up the difficulty if you need an extra challenge.

Fully Uncensored Illustrations to Jerk off to!

That’s all fine and dandy, but I know most of you weebs are at the edge of your cum-crusted chair waiting to hear about the sex scenes. You’re in luck because these scenes are kick-ass. They do take some leg-work to unlock, but you won’t be waiting for too terribly long. Each scene will have a fully uncensored, HD illustration to jerk off to. There is a bit of “animation,” but it’s not that great. I wouldn’t consider it fully animated or anything along those lines. You get some subtle movements, but it’s nothing to write home about. At least you get plenty of erotic lines and steamy sound effects to really help you get in the mood.

Solid Android App Version

Also, you can download this kinky game on Android. The mobile version is usually one or two updates behind, but that’s still not too bad. It’s a decently easy game to play on mobile. Instead of arrow keys, you just tap where you want to go. That’s the only big difference. The rest of the game is there for you to explore in its full glory with no cuts. You can find the free download link to the Android app on either of the creator’s sites that I mentioned at the top of this review.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

Man, I was thoroughly impressed with how well-designed Zombie’s Retreat is at such an early state. Some games aren’t even this fully polished when they get a full fucking release. The movement is smooth. The mechanics make sense. The characters are pretty well-rounded, and you never feel like you’re grinding away on meaningless shit. There are a ton of fetch quests, but these actually helped pace out the more story-focused beats of the game. Even the writing was solid for a porn game! It’s rare that I come across a kinky RPG Maker game that isn’t a mess of bugs, shitty features, and uninspired characters.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

There’s all of this talk about how these big-dicked zombies rape hot babes, but we never get to see that in action! Throw in a sexy zombie fuck scene during the tutorial of the game. It would be the perfect hook for getting the hornier, more impatient fappers on board. As is, it takes at least 30 minutes to unlock your first sex scene. You need to bring the good shit out much quicker than that if you don’t want some of these betas to get bored and take their jerk off sesh elsewhere.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Zombie’s Retreat is a very promising title. Sure, zombie games are a bit out of style right now, but this is still a damn good game. If you’re looking for an incest-filled adventure where you kill zombies, craft items, and uncover mysteries then this game is for you. Oh, and it certainly helps that the game is full of hot, uncensored illustrations of busty sluts getting fucked. Save, romance, and fuck every single babe that you rescue from the evil clutches of the undead. Go download this game on Android or Desktop for the low, low price of completely free!

BestPornGames Likes Zombie's Retreat
  • Well-designed title with an engaging storyline
  • Kinky incest themes
  • A challenging, yet rewarding gameplay experience
  • HD, uncensored sex scenes
  • You can play it for free on Android or desktop
BestPornGames Hates Zombie's Retreat
  • It’s not finished yet!
  • Takes a while to unlock sex scenes